Since Family Aid Direct was started in 2003 we have been increasingly involved in starting new schools, supporting existing local schools, and in supporting individual children to their local schools in a number of Indian villages.

At present we have 6 schools that we sponsor 100% serving about 400 children.

Family Aid Direct is based out of Bethesda Chapel Royton that has a small congregation of very generous people (none in the congregation could be said to be wealthy). In the early years we sponsored many with pigs or goats or chickens, but as the schools have grown our finances have had to be pulled back in these areas, though no door is ever closed completely.

In 2008 we had a small drilling rig imported from America to the Orissa area and from time to time we drill a new tube well.

We also respond as well as we are able when we hear of any with medical needs.

Every penny donated goes to its nominated project. All overheads are paid for by the charity trustees.

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