Our Food Emergency Project is designed to provide free food for those who can't access the food banks for any reasons.

Summer Holiday Meals Project
Bethesda's free school holiday meals project ran over the summer holidays (2019). Over the holidays they provided 93 children from 35 families with a pack of basic foods plus 5 frozen ready meals per child each week. Not every family came every week but we gave out 108 basic food packages and 1,555 frozen ready meals.

School Uniform Project
We have helped between 200 and 250 children. All of the parents have been really appreciative and many an emotional hug has been enjoyed. Thanks to everyone who donated good quality no-longer needed school uniforms over the summer holiday period.

On-going help
For those on low incomes and tight budgets without transport, Tesco 65p frozen ready meals from the store in Chadderton are too far away. These meals represent the lowest cost quality food available; you can’t cook fresh food cheaper.

So we will bring them to Bethesda and sell them at the Charity shop on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 10am - 2pm. This service is only for those who have no means of getting to Tesco. We are offering the meals at just 50p each to those asking for our LIF (Low Income Family) rate. When at the counter just say “Can I have the LIF rate please?”

We will pilot this concept of bringing help till Christmas.

Information current Sep 2019

Bethesda Emergency Food Project is located within Bethesda Church at the junction of Dogford and Rochdale Roads, Royton.

For more information go to the Bethesda Emergency Food Project website >>