Providing good quality used furniture for the local community, hosted by Bethesda Chapel Royton.

The Mission
We are at the development and trial stage of opening a used furniture shop to serve the local community. This will involve receiving donations of quality used furniture and selling them on to anyone in the community at a friendly price to cover the costs of running the shop.

After the shop's running costs have been covered, the remaining furniture will be available given, free of charge, to families on low incomes or in crisis.

Free furniture
In general free furniture will be given to families referred to us by one of the many social caring agencies; e.g. Social Services, Children's Centres, Health Visitors etc.

Donations of furniture
Often people in our area moving into a fresh house or flat have nothing.
If you have any good quality used furniture that you can let us have we will be most grateful.

Information current May 2016

Bethesda Furniture Bank is located on the opposite side of Dogford Road to Bethesda Chapel. The entrance is at the end of Mellor Street

For more information go to the Bethesda Furniture Bank website >>

Bethesda Furniture Bank was formerly known as Beehive Furniture Bank but changed it's name in July 2018